Our Pathway Through the Wilderness begins with a spiritual practice on Day 13. Each day that follows, another spiritual practice will be added to those that came before. The practices build on one another in a cumulative fashion such that you are doing all of them and adding as you go. Please note: you may need to scroll down occasionally to find the spiritual action for your respective reflection day.

Enkindle Love  

Day 13: Ten minutes of silence with the Lord each day.  
Day 15: Always maintain a spirit of joy and charity.  
Day 16: Read the Word of God each day. 
Day 16: Attend Mass once per week in addition to Sunday. 

Declaration of War

Day 14: Declare war against the enemies that seek to enslave us: The Flesh, the World, the Devil.  
Day 15: When at war, there is no complaining.  

The Flesh

1. Lust  

Day 17: Pray with St. Joseph every day. 
Day 17: Break any affair, inappropriate relationship, or flirting.  
Day 17: Eradicate pornography and/or masturbation. 
Day 17: Eradicate Rated R movies or shows.  
Day 17: Eradicate any websites that lead to temptation or sin.
Day 17: Get accountability software if you cannot do it on your own.  
Day 17: Take a cold shower once/week. Offer it up for the purity of your spouse, daughter(s) and/or son(s).  

2. Gluttony   

Day 18: Pray that you will focus more upon Spiritual Food for the journey. 
Day 18: Fast from alcohol for the remainder of our journey. 
Day 18: Fast on bread and water each Friday for the remainder of our journey.  
Day 18: Give up your favorite food for the remainder of our journey.

3. Sloth   

Day 19: Pray for the grace to properly understand and fulfill your duties within your state of life. 
Day 19: Set an alarm early enough for morning prayer each day and stick to it. When the alarm chimes, God is calling.
Day 19: Set a limit to your media time outside of work.

4. Wrath   

Day 20: Pray for the grace to see the Hidden Face of Christ in those who you tend to get angry with. Pray for them and forgive them. 
Day 20: Give a heartfelt compliment to your spouse and children every day. 
Day 20: Give a heartfelt compliment to your boss, co-workers and employees every day.  

The World

5. Greed 

Day 21: Pray for the grace to see money as God’s money, a tool properly used to bless others.
Day 21: Almsgiving: Graciously and generously use your money for  God and others. Discover your favorite charities and bless them with your gifts.  
Day 21: Live below your means. Cut back on personal expenses of entertainment and luxury.  
Day 21: Eat dinner together with your family at least 5 nights a  week.  

6. Envy  

Day 22: Pray for the grace to love your neighbors as Christ loves you and wish nothing but the best for them.  
Day 22: Offer praise and thanksgiving to God every day for the gifts you have received.  
Day 22: Celebrate the success of others and stop viewing life as a  competition.  

The Devil

7. Pride 

Day 23: Recommit to the prayers we have begun above because pride abides at the root of every sin.
Day 24:
Bring the entire Holy Family into your spiritual life and ask them to teach you humility.
Day 24: Pray the Litany of Humility each day for the remainder of our journey.

Our pathway continues! Please continue all of these spiritual practices through the last day.